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Capitol dropped Menthol without releasing its second album, Danger: Rock Science! , which finally saw the light of day in 2002. Adding a second guitarist, Menthol indulge their deepest Devo fantasies, and the results are glorious, nerdy fun. In addition to warning that rock science should never "fall into the wrong hands," the band sounds like it's having a blast on tracks like the Gary Numan-influenced "Future Shock," the intense, almost metal "New Recruits" and the verbal jousting of "A Bitter Feud." (On the planned Capitol release of Danger: Rock Science! , that song was titled "John Hughes 2000" but changed after the movie director threatened legal action.) Lest folks worry about the seven-odd years between Menthol albums, de Ley allays those fears with a couplet from "Strange Living": "I've been driven / to depend on upon the generosity of old rockaholic women." Lyrically, they're most akin to Pavement, yet for irony-free, energetic new wave rock, Menthol can give Weezer a run for their money. A superb outing and highly recommended.

Aromatherapy essential oils "cut straight through" everything you're thinking at that moment and which causes you stress, much more profoundly than being slapped around the face to "snap you out of it" - and much more pleasantly, at that :-)

Menthol - Stress Is BestMenthol - Stress Is BestMenthol - Stress Is BestMenthol - Stress Is Best